December 18, 2005

New Labour attacks on Freedom of Speech

7/7 survivor Rachel from north London continues the pressure on New Labour to hold an inquiry into the event that nearly killed her. She will also be singing carols with Maya Evans in Parliment Square as a protest about New Labour's draconian anti-Terror legislation, documented in the Times. I will not be there on account of being in Torbay

In a similar vein Tim Worstall points to a disturbing article on New Labour's ASBOs in the Telegraph
"Asbo can land an individual up to five years in jail, as it has done
for more than 1,000 people already. And the number of fresh cases is more than doubling every year, at a rate so Malthusian that if the current annual increase of 250 per cent continues, by some point in about March 2016 everyone in the UK will have one"
Which for some reason I do not think New Labour would be too unhappy about. This is not a conspiracy, conspiracies require competence of the conspirators, but the simple realisation of the basic assumptions of a Fascist government like New Labour.


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